Hurricane ‘Grzegorz’ Strikes Kraków

Strong winds bring damage to Kraków

Strong winds of up to 100kph, dubbed by the Polish press Orkan “Grzegorz” (Hurricane Grzegorz) have caused widespread damage to property, power lines and trees across Kraków and Małopolska in the past 12 hours. 

Across the region 30,000 homes were left without power and many roads were blocked by fallen trees, with over 800 calls for assistance to the Fire service. There were no reports of any serious injuries.

Sadly a large grand old  tree was blown over in the Planty, close to Jagiellońska.

Winds across Poland will drop to strong/moderate into Monday however gusts could still reach 60 kph in the West, 70 kph in the centre, 90 kph to the East,  and in excess of 100 kph in the mountains.


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