‘Brine Spa Graduation Tower’ destroyed by Fire

Anit-Smog Brine Graduation Tower goes up in smoke

Firefighters are right now (23/4/18) tackling a blaze which appears to have destroyed the partially completed Anti-Smog ‘ Brine Spa Graduation Tower’ in Nowa Huta.

Emergency services are in attendance however photos and video from the scene appear to show the structure to be well ablaze.  It’s too early to determine the cause of the fire however arson must be considered one of the likely causes, though we sincerely hope it was an unfortunate accident rather than a mindless act of vandalism.

The Graduation Tower, built at Nowohucki Reservoir is designed to counteract the effects of smog, by filtering the air using a combination of the structure and a brine solution.

The Brine Spa Graduation Tower, was due to be opened on 4th June 2018.

The concept  uses a combination of 60,000 litres of brine combined with a large 350m2 tower like structure whose walls are covered with larch wood and blackthorn branches, to help people with respiratory problems, by replicating an iodine rich ‘seaside air’ micro climate.  It is reckoned that one hour walk around the tower is equivalent to three days spent by the seaside.

The tower, the first of two to be built in Kraków, cost 1 million zloty and was funded by the citizens budget.

The tower was almost completed
The charred remains of the tower – Photo © Nowa Huta w telefonie FB


Polish media is reporting that it was “probably Arson” – quoting unofficial sources.
The Mayor of Krakow states on his Facebook account that the tower will be rebuilt. And that it was protected and insured.

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