Kraków Property Guide, Buying Property

Presenting our first Kraków Expats Property guide – Buying Property.

Presenting our first Kraków Expats Property Guide – Buying Property, brought to you by The Property Sisters and Kraków Expats Directory.

This, our first property video guide, covers the requirements and restrictions on foreigners, EU and non-EU, when buying property in Poland.

There is no formal application form for a Permit to Purchase, but the Acquisition of Real Estate section of the Ministry of Interior and Administration website has a detailed explanation of the regulations as well as a sample template – ANNEX No 1 –  for use by foreigners seeking a permit to purchase.

The Property Sisters Website has an article explaining property purchase in much more detail.

The 2nd video in this series will cover rental of property, which is more popular amongst expats and locals alike.

Keep checking the expat forums, Property Sisters website and Kraków Expats Directory for news and updates.

In the meantime please visit Property Sisters for your Kraków property needs and Kraków Expats Directory for general expat advice and resources.


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