Presidential Election Debate

Debate with President of Kraków candidates

Local elections will be held on 7th April, when residents will have the opportunity to vote for the President of Krakow, as well as local councillors for the next term. 

EU & UK citizens who are over 18 years of age, permanently resident in Kraków, and who are registered on the voters list, can vote in the upcoming elections.

Who should you vote for?
What are the candidates plans for the city, which is our home, specifically what are their views and policies for foreigners, migrants and expats living in the city?

A debate with presidential candidates has been organised, providing a unique opportunity, to hear their policies for the city, and for foreigners in Kraków. You will also have the chance to join the debate, asking questions of them or raising issues with the candidates.

ELECTION DEBATE (information portal, targeting the Ukrainian community in Kraków) has organised a mayoral debate about migration, in cooperation with Kraków Expats Directory and Slovak medium Život v Poľsku. The discussion will focus on foreigners in Kraków. 

The debate will take place on 18th March at 5pm, at Hevre, and will also be broadcast live with Ukrainian and English translation.
Full details will be published shortly.

     18th March
   Presidential Candidates Debate – Facebook Event

We strongly encourage all representatives of organisations active in the field of migration and ethnic minorities to participate in the debate.

To join the debate livestream at 5pm on 18th March, please complete the registration form.

  Debate Livestream Registration

Kraków has a diverse and growing international community, representing many minorities and nationalities.  There are many issues which effect us as residents of this city, and specifically as foreigners in Kraków.

To better understand the issues which are important to you, we are inviting you to submit your questions for the mayoral candidates prior to the debate itself.

Please share your questions via email to; or

I will be publishing a guide to the elections, in the meantime, you can read more on the city website;

   Local government elections in Krakow   



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