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Złote Serce is a brand new Ukrainian restaurant in Zabłocie, Kraków, but with a difference.  The restaurant is run as a not for profit charity to employ, empower and, of course, feed refugees from Ukraine, providing them with employment, cooking hearty Ukrainian dishes as they once did at home.

The restaurant is open to anyone, however, as a charity, they also offer the opportunity to purchase a 25zł meal voucher for a refugee.  These vouchers are distributed to refugees across Kraków, allowing them a taste of home, a  delicious meal, in a normal restaurant setting rather than at a refugee support centre.

To purchase a 24zł ($6) meal voucher visit:-

  Sponsor a meal

The menu may be Ukrainian, however lovers of Polish food, would recognise many of the dishes, as being similar to dishes served in Bar Mleczny across the city.  The key difference being, that at  Złote Serce, the food is lovingly cooked, by a wonderful team of Ukrainian ladies, who are passionate about food and sharing their Ukrainian cuisine.

At present Złote Serce use Glovo, with Uber coming soon.

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When you visit the restaurant be sure to check out the arts and crafts hand made by some of the ladies and available for sale.

In the future is is intended that the restaurant will become a community space for social and cultural events and activities.

The restaurant is the brainchild of former refugee Harry from Afghanistan who both had endured his own personal refugee experiences and know ‘s how difficult it is, to start a new life in a new country.  He settled in Europe where catering became part of his new life, Harry runs four Ramen restaurants in Kraków, Katowice, and coming soon to Warsaw and Brno, CZ.

At the start of the war, he stopped what he was doing and used his experience and good will, to work serving meals to refugees in Krakow and at the border.  When they charity he was working for pulled out of Poland, the idea for the Ukrainian restaurant run by and for refugees was born.

Harry shares the story of Złote Serce in his own words:-

In the heart of the city, nestled between towering buildings and busy streets, lies a quaint little restaurant that has been capturing the hearts and palates of foodies all over town. This isn’t just any restaurant, though. It’s an authentic Ukrainian restaurant, run by refugees who were once seeking shelter in the same city.

The restaurant was the brainchild of a small charity organisation that sought to provide a means of support and purpose for refugees who were struggling to find their place in a new and foreign land. With the help of the charity, these refugees were given an opportunity to cook and serve authentic Ukrainian cuisine, using traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation.

The restaurant not only gave these refugees a chance to hone their culinary skills but also gave them a sense of purpose and belonging in a place that was once unfamiliar. For many of them, it was the first time they had felt truly valued and appreciated since leaving their homes behind.

But the restaurant wasn’t just about providing a livelihood for these refugees. The charity behind it also had a mission to help feed those in need. The restaurant began offering food vouchers to people in refugee centre’s who were struggling to afford meals. These vouchers could be redeemed for a free meal and drink at the restaurant.

The impact of this initiative was felt immediately. People who were once going hungry were now able to enjoy a warm, hearty meal in a welcoming environment. And for the refugees working in the restaurant, there was an added sense of pride knowing that they were able to help their fellow refugees in a meaningful way.

One particular evening, a young mother and her children walked into the restaurant, holding their food vouchers tightly in their hands. They were tired and hungry, having spent the day searching for a place to stay. The restaurant was their only hope for a meal that day. As they sat down and looked at the menu, tears welled up in the mother’s eyes. She couldn’t believe that such a beautiful and delicious meal was being offered to them for free.

As they ate their meal, the mother struck up a conversation with the waitress, a young woman who was once a refugee herself. They shared stories of their experiences and hardships, finding common ground despite their vastly different backgrounds. By the end of the meal, the mother felt renewed hope and a sense of community that she hadn’t felt since leaving her home country.

This restaurant project has not only provided opportunities for refugees to build a new life for themselves but also to help others in need. By offering free meals to those who are struggling to afford them, the restaurant has become a symbol of hope and generosity in the community. It is a true testament to the power of food and how it can bring people together, no matter where they come from.

  Złote Serce – Golden Heart Ukrainian Restaurant Facebook

The charities involved in this wonderful initiative are:-
Gift a meal charity
Reach Humanity



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