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Information & advice for foreigners and tourists in Kraków

Many Coronavirus (Koronawirus) cases have, inevitably, now been confirmed across Poland, including Kraków.

The first Kraków case was confirmed on 9th March 2020, coming only a few days after Poland’s first case, involving a patient in Zielona Góra, Western Poland, which was announced on 4th March, 2020. 

Polish Cases: 7771   Fatalities: 292

We have collated below, the official Polish Government and City of Kraków advice and guidance, together with information from health authorities and other resources in English and Polish.

We will also update this article daily with the latest news and information from authorities and Polish media ‘live updates’, in the daily updates section below.

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Patient Telephone Information – 800-190-590
24/7 information how to deal with suspected coronavirus infection. For English press 6.  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 

Coronavirus Guide by City of Kraków, (English) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The city of Kraków have published an English language version of their special Coronavirus edition of the bi-weekly Kraków.PL publication.
Coronavirus Guide – City of Kraków – English Edition (pdf download)  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 


Thursday 16.04.20


The Prime Minister and the Minister of Health after the crisis management deliberations announced new measures on minimising the spread of coronavirus. The new measures are summarised below, the link above will take you to the page where they go into more detail on the new restrictions.
  • 2 meters apart even a family, except for a mother or father with a small child.
  • Persons under the age of 18 can stay only with an adult outside, otherwise they must stay at home.
  • No use of city bikes.
  • Restrictions on parks, boulevards, beaches etc. all out of service.
  • Closed retail and service outlets, including cosmetics, hairdressing.
  • The limit of people in the store is a maximum of 3 people for one cash register. 5 cash registers = 15 people at the store.
  • Mail up to 2 people per window.
  • Maximum 3 people to one stall, stands
  • Order to put on gloves in front of stores.
  • All construction stores closed on weekends.
  • From 10am to 12pm stores open only to the elderly above 60 years of age.
  • Hotels and accommodation facilities closed. Exceptions for the person in quarantine and isolation.
  • Limits of persons with private carriers.
  • Quarantine from today complete isolation from the family.
  • All rehabilitation treatments canceled.
  • Order to disinfect places at the checkout after each customer.
  • Many thanks to Elena Zarubina, for helping with translating & converting this graphic, explaining the new restrictions, from into  English.
    click image to enlarge

Monday 30.03.20

Sunday 29.03.30

Thursday 26.03.20

Tuesday 24.03.20
Poland enters partial ‘Lockdown’

Official Announcement with FAQ’s
Until 11th April 11 inclusive, you will not be able to move freely outside your home except:-

  • travel to work . If you are an employee, run your own business or farm, you have the right to get to your job. You also have the right to buy goods and services related to your professional activity.
  • volunteering. If you work to fight coronavirus and help those in need to be in quarantine or who should not leave your home, you can move around as part of this activity.
  • dealing with matters necessary for everyday life. You will be able to move around to do the necessary shopping, buy medicines, see a doctor, look after relatives and walk the dog.Important! You can only move in a group of up to two people. This restriction does not apply to families.
  • Half seat occupancy on buses – Public transport public transport continues to operate. However, only half of the seats can be occupied on a bus or tram . If there are 70 seats in the vehicle, it can have a maximum of 35 people on its board.
  • Total ban on gatherings – except with family.
    The new regulations also prohibit any gatherings, meetings, events or meetings. However, you will be able to meet your loved ones.
  • Limit of 5 people at religious ceremonies.
  • Workplaces – Restrictions on the number of people do not apply to workplaces. However, they should apply particularly strict recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspector in the field of maintaining the distance of employees, disinfectants etc.
  • Up to 5000zł fine for breaking new restrictions
  • Restrictions apply until 11th April

Monday 23.03.20

Sunday 22.03.20

Saturday 21.03.20

Friday 20.03.20

  • Epidemic Status Announced in Poland

    Polish Government announced a ‘state of epidemic’ and new measures.
    • Schools etc to remain closed until Easter
    • Fine for breaking quarantine increased from 5k zl to 30k zł
    • From March 25, the obligation to implement core curricula will be introduced, so that teachers can transfer their knowledge in a more systematic way, be able to contact their students and, if necessary, give them grades – he said.
    • Today, more than 400 people infected with coronavirus, more than 50 people have been infected, 900 people are hospitalised. This entitles me to sign the regulation introducing the state of the epidemic – Szumowski just passed on.
    • Announcing the state of the epidemic in the country is a difficult decision, but when we look at the number of people who die every day in France or Italy, I think that these difficult decisions, responsible behaviour of Poles, save lives – he said.
    • What does epidemic status mean? Szumowski explains: – The Minister of Health in Poland, and voivodes in the voivodships can appoint roles in combating the epidemic. You can simply delegate someone to work in this area, which is necessary to stop the epidemic. (
    • We will have a thousand or two thousand in the coming days. In a dozen or so days, it can be 10,000.- said Szumowski.
  • LOT ‘rescue” flights from Warsaw to UK (UK Embassy)
  • Government support for small businesses
  • Further changes to bus timetable from Monday
  • List of food & takeaway delivery services ( publish list of food & takeaway delivery services, and invite businesses who may be interested in being listed, to register with them. Entrepreneurs who want to join the campaign, please contact the Administrative Affairs Department by email: .
  • CEIDG Helpline Numbers for Entrepreneurs (EN PL UKR RUS)  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 
  • 27 year old Polish woman Coronavirus victim dies of sepsis
  • Can foreigners remain in Poland after Visa has expired (

    On Tuesday, Lieutenant Agnieszka Golias, spokeswoman for the Chief of the Border Guard, sent us information that should reassure foreigners who end with a Polish visa or long-term residence card: “If after entering Poland on the basis of a Polish national visa type D or a Polish residence card ( long-term stay) the foreigner also has a biometric passport, it is possible after the end of the long-term stay to continue this stay (without having to leave) as a short-stay stay in visa-free travel (i.e. max 90 days in any period of 180 days back) on the basis of the biometric passport, provided that that the short-stay limit has not been used before. “

    Cf. Agnieszka Golias explains that the regulations have not changed.

    – A foreigner is obliged to leave the country before the end of his legal stay. Each case will be treated individually. Closing borders makes it difficult, but does not completely prevent you from leaving Poland. We will verify whether the foreigner has actually made every effort to leave or neglected this obligation – he announces. – Those who should have left before closing the borders, but did not do so, are facing criminal and administrative sanctions.

  • Public Transport season ticket holders can claim refund  (EN UKR RUS  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 
  • Epidemic Alert – Useful information from the city of Kraków (
  • Government launch Home Quarantine Application
    Home quarantine – is an application that facilitates and facilitates the compulsory quarantine at home.The program allows you to confirm the place where you are, basic health assessment and direct notification of the threat. It also makes it easier to supply the most-needed items to people who cannot do this themselvesplay storeapp store
  • Explanation of ‘Epidemic State’ measures (source GK)
    In Poland, an epidemic was announced on Friday. The decision was announced by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.What does this mean in practice? For starters, it’s an extension of school closure until Easter. But the state of the epidemic also allows the state to introduce a ban on conducting certain activities, restrictions on movement around the country, as well as the creation of closed zones – the so-called zero zones or buffer zones. In practice, this may mean closing cities, settlements or even specific places. However, no such decisions have been made yet.The epidemic status allows for:

    – temporarily restricting a particular manner of movement,
    – temporarily restricting or prohibiting the marketing and use of specific items or food products,
    – temporary limitation of the functioning of specific institutions or workplaces,
    – a ban on organising shows and other gatherings of the population,
    – the obligation to perform specific sanitary procedures
    – an order to provide access to real estate, premises, areas and to provide means of transport for anti– – epidemic activities provided for in the anti-epidemic plans,
    – the obligation to carry out preventive vaccinations

    The epidemic status opens up the possibility of creating the so-called zero zones and buffer zones. What does it mean?

    Zero zone
    the area in which the epidemic occurred, immediately surrounding the virus outbreak, subject to restrictions, in particular bans, orders and control measures

    Buffer zone
    The area around the zero zone, subject to restrictions, in particular bans or orders regarding the movement of people

    What rules can be introduced in the zero zone or in the buffer zone?

    – temporarily regulating the supply of certain types of items;
    – an obligation to undergo medical examinations and to use other preventive measures and treatments by sick and suspected persons;
    – obligation to undergo quarantine, also outside the home
    – a ban on leaving the quarantine facility;
    – temporary limitation of the use of premises or areas and the obligation to secure them;
    – order to evacuate at specified times from specific places, areas and facilities;
    – an order or prohibition to stay in certain places and facilities and in certain areas;
    – a ban on leaving the zero zone by sick and suspected persons;
    – order for a specific way of traveling.
    – temporarily limiting a particular manner of movement,
    – temporarily restricting or prohibiting the marketing and use of certain items or food products,
    – temporary limitation of the functioning of specific institutions or workplaces,
    – an obligation to perform specific sanitary procedures if their performance involves the functioning of specific production, service, commercial or other facilities,
    – an order to provide access to real estate, premises, areas and to provide means of transport for anti-epidemic activities,
    – obligation to carry out preventive vaccinations
    vtemporary limitation of specific areas of business activity

  • Current information on the coronavirus: (various languages: PL, EN, RU, UA, FR, GEO, TJ, AR, VIE)

Thursday 19.03.30

Wednesday 18.03.30


Tuesday 17.03.20

“It seems obvious that opening up schools would be absurd. It is therefore a matter of time when we will issue another regulation stating that we are extending the period of closure of branches. It is very likely that the next moment to which we will extend the school closing period will be Easter, and after that we will check what will happen next”


Monday 16.03.20


1) Big supermarket chains like Tesco, Carrefour (both already fully booked until end of the month)


If anyone know any individual restaurant that offers delivery directly, please share the information so that we will have more choices, and they have more customers.

If anyone who lives alone and under quarantine that has more immediate need for grocery/food supply, we shall have also a channel to help out one another.
(source: Elsie Xieyee via FB)

  • List of food & takeaway delivery services ( publish list of food & takeaway delivery services, and invite businesses who may be interested in being listed, to register with them. Entrepreneurs who want to join the campaign, please contact the Administrative Affairs Department by email: 

An excellent interactive food delivery & takeaway map has been created by Navit Reid at Wanda Maps.
The map is embedded below, or can be found online here.

Another helpful expat ‘Chris LaVigne’ has also created a searchable list of food delivery option.

Krakow Restaurant offering food pick up and delivery

Sunday 15.03.20


Saturday 14.03.20

Flat Rate Fares

Travellers will pay a flat rate for returning to Poland on special flights organised by LOT . Its amount will depend on the direction from which the flight will be operated: PLN 400 – 800 within Europe and PLN 1,600 – 2,400 for long-haul flights. The remaining amount will be paid by the Polish government.


“Until the end of March there will be no charging and control in the parking zone. We want to make it easier for those who have to commute to work in the centre, and they are afraid of driving public transport and those who take care of people in the centre, for example. Shopping”   Razem w ruchu


Webcam images show almost empty ul Grodzka at 2030 on a Saturday night. (CoKrakowie)


14.03.20 – Polish Government advice for employers updated advice. (gov.PL)
14.03.20 – Article on employees moving to remote working. (

14.03.20 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs launch a Border Crossing Helpline. 
In connection with the development of the epidemiological situation in Europe, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland has launched a hotline regarding the possibility of crossing borders. For information, please call +48 22 523 8880.  (we presume in Polish only, no info to the contrary?)

The government has launched a programme to help Poles abroad return home after yesterday’s decision to shut down all international flights to and from Poland.

Charter flights will be run by national airline LOT with a standard prices for all passengers (and any additional costs covered by the state).
Poles abroad can find out details at or, which are due to go online at 10pm this evening. (source” notes from Poland)

In spite of the PL travel restrictions, not including road and bus travel, Flixbus have decided to suspend Polish services until the end of March.

“PL: Due to the travel restrictions imposed by the Polish government, FlixBus will suspend all cross-border connections from/to Poland for 10 days from March 15, with the possibility of extension.”

4.03.20 – RYANAIR Announce cancellation of all Polish flights until 31st March (including mine tomorrow 🙁 )

POLANDIn response to the decision of the Polish Government to “lock down” the entire country to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus, Ryanair Group (including Buzz and Lauda) has been forced to cancel all flights to/from Poland, from 24:00 Saturday 14th March until 24:00 Tuesday 31st  March. We are contacting all affected customers by email to advise them of their options and we urge customers not to call us.

14.03.20 – AGATA MEBLE, donating 1mln Złoty for medical an hygiene equipment.
Fantastic gesture.  Bravo Agata Meble!

(Life in Krakow Photo Gallery)

14.03.20 – A Facebook Group – Pies w Koronie, has been set up to offer support to dog owners inK Kraków.  (Polish)

14.03.20 – BUSINESS RESPONSE TO OUTBREAK  (LoveKrakow Article in Polish)

Customers queueing outside a Warsaw bakers demonstrate social distancing in practice. Source unknown.

14.03.20 – UK Foreign office have updated their travel advice in relation to Poland, in light of the new emergency measures.

Latest update from UK government, whilst UK specific, would also apply more generally to other nationalities.:

From midnight on Saturday 14 March it will not be possible for most British nationals to enter Poland owing to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions imposed by the Polish Government. The Polish Prime Minister declared on 13 March that all borders will be shut and border control introduced from midnight local time on Saturday 14 March for 10 days. He also announced that International rail and air transport will be suspended from the same time on Saturday 14 March for 14 days.

These measures may be extended. It will not be possible for non-Polish nationals to enter Poland unless they are:

  • Spouses and children or individuals under the permanent care of Polish nationals.
  • Holders of a Pole’s Card.
  • Individuals with the right to permanent or temporary stay in Poland or people with a work permit.
  • Foreign nationals driving a means of transport used for transporting goods.

All those arriving from abroad will be required to self-isolate for 14 days. They will be required to provide the local authorities with information about their place of stay or address and a contact telephone number. British travellers currently in Poland are allowed to leave.

We recommend that British travellers who wish to leave by air or rail make arrangements to travel before midnight local time Saturday 14 March.

Foreign nationals will be able to exit Poland by coach, car or bus at designated land border crossings, though the situation could change at short notice.

Several countries neighbouring Poland have imposed restrictions on people crossing borders, including from Poland. Please check FCO travel advice for neighbouring countries before travelling.


14.03.20 – WIZZAIR cancelling all flights to and from Poland from tomorrow, until further notice.
” Due to travel restrictions imposed on all foreign flights announced by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, effective from 00:00 on March 15, 2020, we will suspend all his flights to and from Poland until further notice. During this time, no foreigner will be able to enter Poland, and Polish citizens coming from abroad will be quarantined. ” – we read in a Wizzair statement 

14.03.20 – The Polish Govt. have published a graphic with a summary of the new restrictions:

14.03.20 – Many will be turning to taxi and ride sharing services as an alternative to trams & buses.  UBER have published information on the steps they are taking.

14.03.20 – IKEA have announced they are closing all of their Polish stores from today.  Online shopping only.

13.03.20 – Authorities have tonight announced Poland’s second Coronavirus death.



From Sunday, 15th March, Poland will close it’s borders to foreigners for 10 days.
All Polish citizens who are now outside the borders can return to Poland. They will also be subject to a mandatory 14-day home quarantine.
Poland will suspend international passenger air and rail connections, but cargo transport continues. 
CLOSED BORDERS – What does it mean?

Poles returning to Poland must undergo a 14-day home quarantine.

Citizens who are currently outside of Poland may return to the country. After crossing the border, each of them will be registered and also tested. He will also be directed to a mandatory 14-day home quarantine.

With the exception of:
 People from border areas that live in Poland but work every day in a neighbouring country,
drivers of road transport – e.g. buses and buses. They will not have to be in quarantine.
Return to the country by charter flight or road transport
Charter planes with Poles will be admitted into the country. Citizens will be able to return to Poland also by road transport, i.e. cars, buses and coaches. However, all international passenger air and rail connections will be suspended.
Domestic air and rail connections continue to operate.
Not all foreigners banned from entering Poland
 Temporary ban on entry to Poland applies to foreigners, with some exceptions.
Among them are:
spouses of Polish citizens,
children of Polish citizens,
people with a Pole’s Card,
persons with the right of permanent or temporary residence in the Republic of Poland or a work permit.
“We decided to limit the flow of people as much as possible. This will prevent the virus from spreading quickly. Similar activities have also been implemented by the Visegrad countries, which drastically limited international movement. Only joint and consistent action of all regions will prevent further spread of the coronavirus.” Polish Govt. Statement

The restrictions will be in place, initially for 10 days but may be extended.


  • Clubs, pubs, restaurants and casinos will be closed (delivery of food will be allowed)
  • Restricted opening of shopping centres – non essential shops will be closed. (ie only food shops & pharmacies).  For the moment, small shops outside larger malls can still operate.
  • A ban on all public gatherings over 50 people including religious and state events.

11.3.20 BUS & TRAM DRIVER SEGREGATION. Barriers have been placed creating segregation zones at the front of buses, and the few trams which don’t have closed drivers compartments, to protect drivers. As a result front doors of such  vehicles will be unavailable to use. read more:

Useful, clear & detailed,  information & guidance, issued by the Polish Government in light of the decision to close educational establishments covering: child carer allowance, remote working, universities.

11.3.20 – Minister of Health: Let’s make sure that children don’t have close contact with the elderly. “We should re-evaluate these cultural behaviours. Let’s protect our seniors against this risk.”

11.3.20 – Hospitals in Krakow suspend patients’ admissions because of problems with masks and hygiene products.

Some care will be provided, (Swietlica?) Thursday and Friday, as a transition period to allow parents to make arrangements, however schools will be closed fully from next Monday, however we presume this period can be extended if necessary.


From 12 to 25 March schools, kindergartens, nurseries and universities will be closed.
READ MORE: All schools, nurseries, cinemas, theatres closed for two weeks because of coronavirus

REMINDER – For children attending public schools, there are options to apply for financial support in way of a carers allowance, details on eligibility etc were previously posted in this article and can be found here.

CHILDCARE CARERS ALLOWANCE  What can I do to get benefit?
A statement should be submitted about the unexpected closing of the nursery (ZUS Z-15 A print). The form is valid both when the care allowance is paid by the payer and when it is paid by ZUS – they are available for download on the ZUS website. Importantly, you do not need to get a doctor’s certificate.

11.3.20 –The Polish Govt Ministry of Family, labour & social policy has some good information regarding the Coronavirus outbreak for parents, seniors, entrepreneurs, people with disabilities & their carers.

11.3.20 – Minister of Culture reports that a decision has been made to close all ‘theatres, operas, philharmonic halls, as well as cinemas and cinema networks. This does not mean closing all institutions. Scientific work, e.g. in museums, can take place. The situation is serious but not tragic.’

11.3.20 – NEWS UPDATES

  • TRAM & BUS DRIVERS WILL NO LONGER SELL TICKETS ON BOARD VEHICLES, they will be available from ticket machines only.


80+      ➡️14.8%
70-79  ➡️ 8.0%
60-69  ➡️ 3.6%
50-59  ➡️ 1.3%
40-49  ➡️ 0.4%
30-39  ➡️ 0.2%
20-29  ➡️ 0.2%
10-19  ➡️ 0.2%




10.3.20 – Information on eligibility for child care allowance, should schools be closed.


  • Wizz Air suspends all flights to Israel and Italy
  • University’s suspend lectures, schools & nurseries in some cities closed, for the moment Kraków schools remain open, though this is expected to change.
  • Tram & bus doors will all open automatically at every stop, avoiding need for passengers to use door buttons.
  • Hospitals running short of essential supplies, masks etc.
  • Public events, cancelled, football matches being played behind closed doors, without spectators.
  • Condition of patient in Kraków has ‘significantly deteriorated’
  • Police are to be sent to check on quarantined patients to make sure they are adhering to the quarantine.
  • Warnings of scammers and fraud such as fake vaccines and mask online shops etc.
  • Officials appeal for responsible behaviour, calm & common sense.
  • Polish church plan to have more masses in spite of ban on public gatherings and clear risks. stating “”It is unimaginable that we do not pray in our churches” !!!
  • Government planning special measures to help businesses and entrepreneurs most affected by the outbreak, such as the tourist industry.
  • The University Hospital, Kraków,  is suspending scheduled admission to surgery and treatment departments from Wednesday until further notice.
  • In Zakopane, the man suspected of coronavirus escaped from the hospital. The police stopped him.

10.3.20 – As a handful of schools & nurseries begin to close in some areas, and with more closures expected, this article explains options for carers allowance entitlement.

9.3.20 – SUMMARY of NEWS UPDATES (source: Gazeta Krakowska)

  • 18 people are currently infected in Poland. The president will not organise “large campaign meetings”
  • Staff of President Andrzej Duda plans to suspend the election campaign because of the coronavirus. The decision is to be announced on Tuesday – the portal established.
  • At Tuesday’s government meeting, Minister of Development Jadwiga Emilewicz is to present a package of support for companies, including from the tourism industry affected by the spread of coronavirus.
  • Israeli authorities introduce a 14-day quarantine obligation for everyone coming to this country, and therefore also for Polish citizens. (& all tourists from Thursday) The new rules are to apply for at least two weeks – informs the Polish ambassador to Israel Marek Magierowski.
  • 13.50 – At 15.00 we launch five control border points in places where scheduled buses and buses cross the border with Poland. 4 on the border with Germany and one on the border with the Czech Republic. Within a dozen or so hours, these points will be extended to entire borders with Germany and the Czech Republic. Within several dozen hours, all Polish borders will be secured, including with other countries, ‘said Mariusz Kamiński, head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration.
  • Appeal to cancel mass event: The head of government appeals to all mass event organisers to “abstain from their organisation and dismiss them”. – Mass events according to our analysis were the reason for the faster spread of the virus in Germany and Italy – says Morawiecki.(KED Note: Santana concert and March of the Living at Auschwitz amongst many large events cancelled, some sporting events are taking place without spectators)

9.3.20 – MAP showing locations of Coronavirus cases in Poland

9.3.20 – Official City Update following press conference.

Perhaps inevitably, authorities have today confirmed the first case of Coronavirus in Kraków, with one confirmed patient, and reportedly one unconfirmed at the Żeromski hospital.

You can keep up to date with the latest developments with regards to the situation in Kraków, via this live updates feed from Gazeta Krakówska.

An official press conference is planned for 1230 today (9.3.20)

Love.Krakow reports that he patient, is reportedly a 60 year old male, recently returned from a skiing trip to Italy.  There are now 15 confirmed cases across Poland.

9.3.20  WHO Advice on when and how to wear a protective mask.

7.3.20  Information added to helpline with an option to select English language.

Telephone Patient Information – 800-190-590 – 24/7 information how to deal with suspected coronavirus infection. For English press 6.  

You can get information on what to do if coronavirus infection is suspended at the free and 24-hour Telephone Patient Information.

The consultants will inform you:

  • what is a coronavirus
  • how to protect yourself against coronavirus
  • what to do when you return from a country where coronavirus infection has occurred and you have doubts about your health
  • where you will find the nearest sanitary inspection facility or hospital infectious ward and learn how to contact them
  • if you have any doubts about how to deal with coronavirus infection.

The connection to the Patient’s Telephone Information is free, and you will talk to our consultants 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

4.3.20 The Polish authorities have prepared information & advice posters in English which you may want to post in your office or workplace.
Poster A3 English – jpeg  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 

Poster A3 English – PDF United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 

4.3.20 Information Video released by Polish Health Ministry, in English.

The patient, in Zielona Góra had recently returned from Germany.  He contacted a doctor after feeling unwell, he has now been hospitalised and his family and other contacts placed under quarantine.

3.3.20 Coronavirus – What you need to know

3.3.20 – Information from the Polish Government for persons returning  from Italy. 

3.3.20 Sejm have passed a new law with a number of special provisions to deal with the threat of Coronavirus, including:

  • Home working – ‘the employer may outsource work to the employee from home’.
  • In addition, the regulation introduces the right to additional care allowance for a period of not more than 14 days, if the nursery, kindergarten or school is closed.
  • Thirdly, it allows you to make orders and perform services or works without applying the provisions of the Act on public procurement and construction law. Thanks to this, you will be able to react quickly to the threat of a virus.
  • In addition, it was stipulated that the prescription would be able to be issued by a pharmacist, and the minister would be able to set maximum prices for specific medicinal products used to treat the virus based on GIS information.

2.3.20 – Reports that some Police forces have suspended the use of random breath tests using the ‘alcoblow’ devices due to the risk of spreading the virus.

2.3.20 Ryanair have begun cancelling some flights from Kraków to Italy, further flight disruption is expected.

LOT Have also reduced sine flights to high risk areas, other carriers are expected to follow suit.

1.3.20  Following further tests, the suspected  case in Łódz tested negative.

1.3.20   Report of a lorry driver, having recently retuned from Italy, being tested for Coronavirus in Kraków hospital. Results expected on Tuesday.

1.3.20   Eight suspected cases in Małopolska

Gazeta Krakowska news updates on Coronavirus across Poland.

Kraków tram mask coronavirus
Passenger taking precautions on Kraków tram

Official Guidance

The city have published an update on their preparations, along with some guidance and links to government resources.

The following extract from the article, is translated using google translate.

If you have been to one of the regions affected by the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) coronavirus epidemic in the last 14 days (the current list of countries where the incidence was recorded is available on the websites: , , ) and you have noticed symptoms such as: fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing problems , immediately call the sanitary-epidemiological station by phone or report to the infectious ward or observation-infectious ward, where further medical procedure will be determined.

Kraków city preparations and advice 

Telephone Numbers:
Monday to Friday 7.30 to 15.05, please call the landline numbers of the Poviat Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Krakow at ul. Makuszyńskiego 9:

Tel. 12 644 91 33
Tel. 12 644 93 72
tel. 12 644 99 64
Tel. 12 684 40 35
Tel. 12 684 40 99

The following phone numbers are available 24/7
+48 600 876 214 or +48 602 263 605 – only one of the numbers given is active during the call .

Infectious and observational-infectious wards in Krakow:
University Hospital in Krakow – Infectious Diseases Department, ul. Jakubowskiego 2, 24-hour tel. / Phone to the doctor on duty at the infectious department: 12 400 20 00.

Specialist Hospital Stefan Żeromski SP ZOZ in Krakow – Observation and Infectious Department, os. Na Skarpie 67, 24-hour tel. / Phone to the doctor on duty at the infectious department: 12 622 93 53.

If you have been to the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) coronavirus epidemic region in the last 14 days and you have not observed the above-mentioned symptoms, monitor your health for the next 14 days, i.e. measure your body temperature every day and pay attention to flu-like symptoms (malaise) , muscle aches, cough).

If after 14 days of self-observation the above-mentioned symptoms did not occur, you can terminate the control. However, if you observe the above-mentioned symptoms within 14 days of self-observation, immediately notify by phone the sanitary-epidemiological station or report to the infectious ward or observation-infectious ward, where the further medical procedure will be determined.

If you have had contact with someone who is sick or infected with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) coronavirus, immediately notify the sanitary-epidemiological station by phone.

Advice from the Polish Health Ministry – (English) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (English) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 
www, (English) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Polish)  Poland

For advice in English, visit the UK government and NHS sites, which although partly specific to the UK, also have good general advice and information.

UK GOVERNMENT INFORMATION  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 
UK NHS FAQ’s  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 

UK ARTICLE – WITH GOOD PRACTICAL ADVICE SYMPTOMS etc United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 

These are the past articles, recent media & official updates are now being added in the DAILY UPDATES section at the start of this article.


Are the concerns justified or is it a case of dangerous hysteria? The Spectator, put’s things into perspective, in this article.  The most dangerous thing about coronavirus is the hysteria

Media reports of a coronavirus case in Kraków were dismissed last week, in an official statement, however, as part of contingency measures, the official city website has issued guidance and information regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

The Kraków military hospital were forced to issue statement, assuring the public that there are no confirmed coronavirus cases at the hospital, to quash rumours and media reports of a coronavirus patient.

” 5. Military Clinical Hospital with the Polyclinic SP ZOZ based in Krakow at ul. Wrocławska 1-3 declares that information appearing in the media about a confirmed case of a patient infected with coronavirus is untrue.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that in connection with the renovation works carried out at the Department of Infectious Diseases, the provision of health services in this area has been temporarily discontinued until May 31, 2020. “

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KRAKOW.PL (official city website)
WYBORCZA.PL in English United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 
THE FIRST NEWS (English)  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 
TVN24 (English)  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 


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    Could you please also mention this initiative below?

    “We see and act is a knowledge platform and database that aims to disseminate reliable, accurate and timely information about COVID-19. The platform is an international and grass-roots initiative that is based on information about the real needs of the community already operating in 14 countries. In Poland we have a plugin installed to help expats, translating all content to many foreign languages.
    There you’ll find educational materials, information about online cultural initiatives, neighborhood self-help, how to set up a ‘home-office’ and exercises at home. We are gathering various tools that we need to stay at home, keep healthy and make good use of this time.
    There are many Facebook groups that have formed around COVID19 information and help; our goal is to build this platform to centralize important information, enable cross knowledge sharing and to encourage sharing and collaboration.”

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