Kraków on Flood Alert

Flooding (powodzi) brings traffic chaos and threatens property

The city of Kraków has declared an emergency flood (powodzi) alert, and convened the city’s crisis management team in response to widespread flooding, which has brought severe disruption to traffic and transportation.

UPDATE (0330) via
3:30 Wisła level is very high. If another big ‘wave’ comes, it’s quite possible that the Debniki bridge will be closed. Choose public transport today. The tunnel under the Grunwaldzki roundabout  is closed in both directions. The underpass nearby Forum is also closed.

UPDATE 2134 Thu 23/5/19:
According to the latest data, the culminating wave on the Vistula will go earlier than forecast – on Friday before noon, not on Saturday and will be lower. The water level should not exceed 5.7-5.8 meters. Earlier, it was talked about 7 meters.

A timelapse film of the rising water level on the Wisła basin over the past 24 hrs.
Film by Pawel Jarzębińskiemu

The city has prepared large quantities of sand bags and are installing the  flood barriers, closing the gaps in the walls along the Wisła boulevards.

According to the forecasts of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, on Saturday, 25th May, the Wisła water level (measured on a water gauge in Bielany) could reach 7m (the alarm level is 5.2 meters). More details here. Poland

Water condition – Wisła on 2019-05-23 06:00:00 UTC

The following resources will help you keep up to date with the current situation:

   KRAKÓW LIVE: flood situation in the city (official city live updates)    Poland

   Gazeta Krakowska    Poland

   Live Webcam – Wawel/Wisła basin

   Utrudnienia na Krakowskich drogach (FB Group showing road difficulties)   Poland

   Platforma Komunikacyjna Krakowa – PKK (Tram disruption updates)   Poland

PKK are using the hashtag #utrudnienia_pkk

   TVP3 Kraków Twitter Poland

Policja Małopolska – Kraków Twitter   Poland

The floods are reminiscent of severe flooding in Kraków, and across Poland, in May 2010

    May 2010 Kraków Flood – Photos

    May 2010  Kraków Flood – Video

Read our article on the 2010 flood.

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