A new temporary beach “PrzyStań na plaży” opens today, Sunday 16th July 2107, at 4pm, on the Wisła at Bulwar Kurlandzki near to Most Kotlarski and Wiślane Tarasy. The beach will be open until 10th September.

Image © Andzrej Banas

‘Marina on the the Beach’ at Boulevard Kurlandzki („PrzyStań na Plaży” na Bulwarze Kurlandzkim) consists of a strip of sand, with a grass area with swing seats and benches, and a glass container pavilion and terrace as a focal point for events.

Special events and entertainment arranged for the opening evening include:
Foodtrucks, Dancers from the Egurrola Dance Studio, boules (petanque/bocce) tournament,  “ABC urban gardening” workshop, photo exhibition “„WY-kadruj się na ZIELEŃ”, climbing display by Avatar Centrala Ruch and gift cards for Galeria Kazimierz, with music provided by  DJ Ti aka Subkowsky.  In the evening outdoor cinema will be provided as part of the Letni Projektor season.

‘Marina on the Beach’, is intended as a place to relax, play sport, enjoy listening to music, watch open air cinema, or simply chill out on loungers and blankets and deck chairs.

You can read more about the Marina on the Beach here:

  Przystań na Plaży ZZM (Green City) Website

Or, if your more a picture person, you can view photos of the finishing touches being put to the beach area here:

  “PrzyStań na plaży”  Photo Preview (NaszeMiasto)

 PrzyStań na plaży Facebook Event

Beaches on the Wisła, are of course, nothing new.  Many will remember Płaża Kraków Beach Club,  sadly now closed,  though few will recall the beach on the Wisła opposite Wawel.

Wisła Beach 1963



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