The 10th Swoszowice Patriotic Picnic (Swoszowicki Piknik Patriotyczny), is a family event, for military and history buffs.

12.00 – 15.00 – Free entry to the Museum of Military Affairs, (Muzeum Spraw Wojskowych) which is located in one of the best preserved Austro-Hungarian forts which make up the ‘Krakow Fortress’ – Fort Swoszowice (also known as Fort Wróblowice).

The museum was founded to commemorate Polish soldiers fighting in foreign uniforms in the wars of Independence (1919-1921) and has a fine selection of Militaria.
Muzeum Spraw Wojskowych ul. Sawiczewskich 46, Swoszowice, Kraków

Fort 51 1/2 Swoszowice (Wróblowice)
Fort 51 1/2 Swoszowice (Wróblowice)

15.00 – Concert by children from Primary School 43,  performing popular hits from the first and second World War’s. Including the traditional songs  „Przybyli ułani pod okienko”, „Czerwone maki na Monte Cassino”, „Pierwsza kadrowa” (“Lancers at the window,” “Red Poppies on Monte Cassino,”)
Riding Club,  WLKS “Krakus”ul. Kąpielowa 51, Swoszowice, Kraków

16.00 – Cavalry display by the  8th Cavalry Regiment and 3rd Mounted Rifle Regiment
Riding Club,  WLKS “Krakus”ul. Kąpielowa 51, Swoszowice, Kraków

22.09.2013 Krakow 212 koni przeszlo ulicami Krakowa i wzielo udzial na krakowskich Bloniach w Wielkiej Paradzie Kawaleryjskiej Fot. M. Lasyk/REPORTER

17.00 – Sing along of  popular patriotic songs.  Song sheets will be provided. 
Riding Club,  WLKS “Krakus”ul. Kąpielowa 51, Swoszowice, Kraków

Map – Museum Museum of Military Affairs, (Muzeum Spraw Wojskowych)

Map – Riding Club,  WLKS “Krakus”ul. Kąpielowa 51, Swoszowice, Kraków

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