Night of Museums 2019

Noc Muzeów w Krakowie 2019

This weekend, the 16th edition of the popular Museum Night (Noc Muzeów w Krakowie 2019) makes a welcome return, overnight Friday to Saturday, 17th/18th May 2019 from 6pm-1am.   

‘Nature’ is the theme for this year’s Night of Museums which begins with the grand opening at 6pm on Friday at MOCAK.
Since 2004 the cities museums and galleries have opened their doors for the ‘Night of Museums’ (Noc Muzeów),  modelled on Berlin’s “Lange Nacht der Museen”, as part of the ‘Kraków Nights’ (Krakowskie Noce) series – consisting of Theatre, Dance, Jazz, Poetry and Cracovia Sacra nights.

Throughout the night visitors can enjoy permanent and temporary exhibitions, at 50 of the cities museums, branches and institutions, with many providing special attractions, including concerts, workshops, multimedia presentations and film screenings, readings, knights’ fights and special guided tours.

1zł tickets
This year, visitors have to purchase a ticket for the ‘symbolic’ price of 1 zł, (there is no charge at museums which are normally free, or for people usually eligible for free admission).  In the case of the National and Kraków Museum’s the 1zł. ticket also allows entry to branches of the main museum.

A commemorative coin is issued to each visitors, (whilst stocks last), but it is important to note that, unlike in previous years, this coin, does not act as a ‘ticket’ to all museums, or allow for free public transport. Special commemorative postcards and stamps are also available.

Museum Night runs from 6pm-1am, although some venues hours may vary.

You can find a comprehensive programme, including an interactive map (Polish) or download an English text version at the links below.

   Programme with Interactive Map (Polish) Poland

  Programme in English – .docx Download – 14 pages  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

   Programme in Polish- PDF Download  Poland

   Museum Night Website  Poland

   Attractions for children   Poland

Many of the participating institutions have posted more detailed information on their own websites or created specific Noc Muzeów Facebook events.

Example of the commemorative coin issued in 2018

Additional services and special trams will also be available during the event, however, unlike previous years, holders of museum tickets and tokens, will not be entitled to free public transport.

Some museums require prior reservation (Schindlers, Rynek Underground Museum, Cracow Saltworks Museum, Wieliczka).

A word of warning – Expect Long Queues and Big Crowds, in 2015 over 145 thousand people took part in the Night of Museums.

Selection of Events
(NB This is only a small extract, the main programmes runs to 14 pages)

From 19.00 in the courtyard at the Museum of the Home Army gen. Emil Fieldorf “Nila” in Krakow (Wita Stwosza 12 street) will be presented uniforms and military equipment of the Military Unit of the Special Forces NIL of the Małopolska Film Reconstruction Group and the Prosecutor’s Territorial Association.

At 21.00 and 23.00, the Nowa Huta Museum (Center Center E1) invites you to a tour of the spaces of the former Światowid cinema building in Nowa Huta that are not available on a daily basis In the meantime, at 22.00 in the museum will be held a fashion show of the 90s to the sounds of music from the era of Unforgettable 90s! The event refers to the temporary exhibition: Przasnyń.Novohucianin , whose narration is firmly embedded in the realities of the 90s

At 18.00, the Museum of Municipal Engineering (St. 15 Wawrzyńca St.) invites you to extremely interesting exhibitions: on encryption and messaging techniques . The enemy pods wit listens and Tram spectrum – the story of the audiovisual experience of traveling by tram was established in the framework of the international project Sounds of Changes . In addition, the museum organizes three thematic walks through the historic team of the Krakow City Gas Plant, the Chamber of Traditions of the Krakow Gas Industry and the active gas station II °.

Everyone interested in the laws of physics who rule nature are invited to the Garden of Experiences. St. Lema (Avenue of Peace 68), especially for astronomical educational activities conducted by representatives of the Youth Astronomical Observatory from Niepołomice.

Among the many attractions related to the presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK (ul. Lipowa 4) exhibition Nature in art certainly do not miss the beginning at 20.00 on conducting after exposure and projection of the documentary: Are we late? Before the Flood , 2016), in which Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese were involved, among others. The film is part of the debate on climate change in the world.

During this year’s edition of the Museum Night you will be able to visit the new version of Rydlówka (street Tetmajera 20) – a branch of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow. We recommend thematic guided tours of the history of the manor house and the families inhabiting it with plants in the background, which became heroes of poems and paintings by Rydel, Wyspiański and Tetmajer.

The National Museum in Krakow – Main Building invites to for the Wajda exhibition , guided tour and screening of the film: The Conductor; for the exhibition The Power of Nature. Henry Moore in Poland , dance performance: Moore. Sculpture in dance, dance in sculpture. It is also worth taking a look at the second floor for the Wyspiański temporary exhibition MEPs : at 19.30, the guidebooks will show around: Magdalena Laskowska, Łucja Skoczeń-Rąpała.

Museum of Japanese Art and Technology “Manggha” prepared, among others at the Kimono fashion show, tea ceremony and interesting workshops.

The Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow (Jana Pawła II Avenue 39) invites from 19.00 to workshops for children and youth (Alpha School of Mathematics) and aerial experience prepared by a team of specialists from the Małopolska Science Center Cogiteon.

Glass enthusiasts should visit the Center of Glass and Ceramics (4 Lipowa St.), where, in addition to guiding around the permanent exhibition, you will be able to participate in manual glass-making demonstrations.

Undoubtedly, the attraction of the Night of Museums in the Studio and Museum of Stained Glass (23 Krasińskiego Avenue) will be the opportunity to participate in the process of creating, never completed work of Stanisław Wyspiański, Polonia under construction .

Additionally at The film Lost Museum – “Memory is the Key” in front of the Juliusz Słowacki Theater in Krakow, showing the problems of war losses suffered by Poland in the field of cultural goods, will take place at 10.00 pm. This year is the 10th anniversary of the project. During this year’s edition of the Museum of the Lost, we will present the most valuable works recovered and lost over the centuries.


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