We met up with Kraków based Scottish artist, Mike Fullarton, who introduced his exhibition of abstract MAP PAINTINGS, currently on show at Fort Borek Cultural Centre, ul. Forteczna 146, Kliny, Kraków until 11th December.

Extract from the exhibition description:
“The paintings in the map series are an exploration and interpretation of city and world maps, and the patterns which can emerge from their fragmentation and abstraction.

The primary focus is on the use of colour and form, organic and geometric, shimmering paths of delicate intricacy and intensity, capturing the mood, characteristics, transition and identity of each location, providing the viewer with a mesmerising visual experience.”


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Exhibition Details
Fort Borek, ul Forteczna 146, Kliny, Kraków
Exhibition Facebook Event
until 11th December


Mike Fullarton Artist
You can see the paintings and more of Mike’s work here:-



Kraków Culture is Local Culture – culture close to home.
We enjoyed this project, Mike happens to be a fellow Scot and near neighbour, we also like maps, and loved Mike’s interpretation,  painted in this wonderful abstract form.

The exhibition venue, (just along the road from KED HQ), is the, recently renovated, equally wonderful Fort Borek Culture Centre, one of the former Austro-Hungarian forts which made up Fortress Kraków.  The Fort, ‘Fort 52 Borek’, is now a branch of the Centrum Kultury Podgórza.

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We’re also in discussion with Kraków Music who have invited us to be an ‘ambassador’ . As lovers of live music we are very much looking forward to sharing more stories, features and events from the great Kraków Music scene.

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