1. Arek

    I totally miss the orange color from the previous logo in this new one. To me, Krakow is a city where brick is present everywhere in its architecture so I can see the bond with orange which is a warm, welcoming and dynamic color but in my opinion, only ‘blue and white’ in this new logo doesn’t really describe Krakow. It’s a new conception that makes me think of Krakow 🚎 buses and 👮🏻 police? But I can’t connect it to anything else. Anyone? Perhaps highway signs? I don’t quite understand the new logo color code…

  2. Nick Holden

    At first I thought: Microsoft Windows.
    Then: a cafe ashtray.
    Now I’ve seen it in use on signs, I think it works well in that you can spot it easily if you are trying to look for it in busy places. Being a simple shape helps!

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