ZiKIT have announced that with effect from midnight on Thursday night, (18/01/17), e-ticket systems will once more be available for use on Kraków’s public transport system after a gap of almost three weeks.

From 00:00 on Thursday night/Friday morning e-tickets will be available from the three previous suppliers mPay, moBilet and SkyCash.

From 1st January 2017 MPK e-ticketing systems were suspended and tenders invited to comply with amended public procurement legislation.  

ZiKiT had previously posted that a sole provider would be selected, however they issued a notice on Friday (13/01/17) that this had changed, and that the three existing systems had successfully submitted tenders with agreements expected to be signed this week.  

Final checks are being made to ensure the systems are technically fit for purpose (of course they will be, as they have been working efficiently previously) and that they comply with all conditions and requirements.  It is anticipated that these final checks will be completed this week, with the systems becoming live again, the following day.   There will be some small changes to the functionality of the systems, reducing the risk of selecting the wrong options and changes to the ticket control function.

The commission fee per transaction has been renegotiated from 5% to 3%, saving 200 thousand złoty annually, as well as lowering the financial value of the tender and changing the type to a ‘social service’ allowing it to be processed more quickly and opening it up to more than one supplier.

We have tried them all and find Skycash easiest to use, albeit in Polish only, and extremely convenient for tram tickets, parking, trains, cinema and more.


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