Teahouse Transport

Parcel courier

Rapid transport of parcels for sinfully low prices. Send your parcel anywhere.

Teahouse provide great customer service, easy to use booking system, and in the case of the UK/PL parcels up to 31kg for £15.90 with an impressive £1000 of insurance included.

2 reviews

  1. Very disappointed

    I am for a few years now a customer with Teahouse transport but I am very disappointed with my latest dealings with them.
    On the 6th of April this year I arranged the delivery of a parcel from the UK to Slovakia. Parcel was pick up the next day. On the18th of April I had a few missing calls from Teahouse transport, I could not answer the phone as I was attending a family funeral. I called the next morning and I was told my parcel was in the depot and on the way back to me as they said the address and phone number is incorrect. We double checked details over the phone, address was correct however phone number in their system was wrong. They put all responsibility on me as my mistake, informed me they will call me back as they are again trying to deliver my parcel. They never called back, I called a few times without success to find out status of my parcel. On the 21st of March my parcel was delivered back to me. When I called the same story was repeated as previously, they need to find out more information and will call me back. I wrote a few emails. Finally I got an answer. The incorrect phone number was blamed and they offered me £10 credit. They failed to deliver my parcel to a correct address blaming me for a wrong phone number ( they do not deliver parcels on the basis of phone numbers as nobody ever called me about the final delivery) Also person recieving parcel in Slovakia never recieved a card about the deliver in her mail box, courier never made any attempt to deliver my parcel, probably was in a rush before the holidays.
    I double checked the details in their system checking what I submitted on my order and I had put the correct phone number. I gave them correct phone number and correct address yet my parcel still was not delivered and they are offering me £10 credit. They blame me for their own mistakes! I never once heard anyone say sorry. Such a shame a good company going down the toilet. They want from me to pay again for sending the same parcel pay again £29!

  2. Worst service I ever got, stuff smashed, delayed, uprofessional and rude, no customer service, no reply, no picking up the phone

    AVOID! I used their services in 2016 and it was fine, I used their services in 2018 and it was the worst service I have ever received. Have in mind that they DOUBLED their prices as well! They didn’t come to pick up the order on the day that it was booked (with no notice, we just waited for them for 2 days, they finally came after 3), they never picked up the phone, I had to email all the time and wait a month to get a reply about very serious matters. Their UPS driver literally rolled my boxes with his foot from his trolley and all my stuff arrived SMASHED even though they were professionally bubble wrapped and I never had my stuff smashed before. Also, the boxes said fragile on them and had stickers of glasses that the other driver have put on them. The driver, of course, didn’t care about the arrows that showed the up side either. Every driver and employee is saying different things, they seem lost at sea, non-existing customer service and of course they don’t care about their customers, I’m not getting any compensation or apologies, they got their money and we have to deal with all of this because we made the mistake to use their services.

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