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We prepare Lokmas to order,  always served hot & fresh!

Słodka Lokma, (Sweet Lokma), is the first Lokma shop in Poland, offering delicious and authentic desserts from Turkey & Greece.

What is Lokma?
Lokma are a hand-crafted authentic dessert of mixed origin from Turkey, Greece, Persia and Egypt. It is considered as one of the oldest recorded desserts in history.  Lokmas are traditionally drizzled with honey, cinnamon, and sometimes sesame or walnuts.

Słodka Lokma reinvents this most historical of desserts with modern twists and unique fillings such as chocolate praline, Bavarian cream or forest fruits, topped with honey, Belgian chocolate, peanut butter, Oreo cookie powder, hazelnut, almonds, pistachios and many more…

We prepare Lokmas  to order,  always served hot & fresh!

Our dough is 100% vegan!  Made with natural and homemade products which are egg free, with no preservatives or additives, cooked in high quality oil – with only half the calories and fat of a regular donut.

New to Lokma? here’s how it works

Lokma is basically crispy doughnut balls. The first step of preparation is frying small dough balls until they are golden brown. While they are freshly fried, hot and crispy we move to the next step…

At Słodka Lokma, we apply our unique signature injection process with a selection of different creams and mousses such as Vanilla Cream, Strawberry Mousse, and Coconut Cream.

We go to the most delicious step, which is choosing one or more toppings from the wide range of flavours we offer! Original Belgian chocolate, honey, peanut butter or Nutella. Choose a sweet cover that you like best …

Now you know how it’s done,  feel free to be creative and build your own lokma or choose one of our signature combinations!

Check our Menu to find out about all of our signature combinations,  and much more;

  • Lokma
  • Breakfast
  • Coffee
  • Smoothies
  • Fresh Juice
  • Baklava

Turkish Breakfasts Coming Soon
Turkish breakfast isn’t just a meal, it’s an experience.

Designed to be social, shared, and savoured, Turkish breakfast consists of many small plates both sweet and savoury, accompanied by bread and graced with çay (Turkish black tea) served in traditional tulip-shaped glass cups.

This unique concept, named serpme kahvaltı, consists of small plates with different products and tastes such as a cheese platter, a tomato and cucumber platter, fresh herbs, peppers, jams, tahin-pekmez (tahini and grape molasses), butter, bal-kaymak (honey and clotted cream), different types of olives, olive oil with spices for dipping bread in, eggs – either sahanda yumurta (fried eggs) or menemen (scrambled eggs with tomato and green pepper) – a spicy red pepper paste called acuka, sucuk (spicy cured beef sausage), simit (round-shaped bread dipped in molasses and topped with sesame seeds), börek (a flaky pastry that can be filled with cheese, spinach, or meat), and other Turkish pastries.

Starting from 1st April , Slodka Lokma,  will be serving an authentic Turkish breakfast that is not to be missed!

  Find out more at our Turkish Breakfast Facebook event

This is a launch event to celebrate the beginning of our new menu, but our Turkish breakfast will be available every day from 1st April onwards.

Whether you’re a fan of Turkish cuisine or looking to try something new, our Turkish breakfast is the perfect way to start your day.

So come on over to Slodka Lokma and be one of the first to try our delicious new menu. Don’t forget to invite your friends and family, and share the event with anyone who loves good food and great company.


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Where to Find Us

   Na Zjeździe 11, 30-527 Kraków, Poland

Słodka Lokma, is located opposite Plac Bohaterów Getta, Podgórze, Kraków, right next to the tram stop.

Opening Hours
MONDAY            08:00 – 21:00
TUESDAY           08:00 – 21:00
WEDNESDAY    08:00 – 21:00
THURSDAY       08:00 – 21:00
FRIDAY               08:00 – 22:00
SATURDAY       10:00 – 22:00
SUNDAY            10:00 – 22:00

We invite you all for your next favourite sweet treat!

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Na Zjeździe 11
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