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Disgusting but Lovable

17th June 2017 @ 23:00 - 18th June 2017 @ 00:00

Sviat aka “Marinated” left Ukraine some years ago, but Ukraine never left him alone, probably because he still owes money. Nevertheless, he still walks proudly with his nationality like a badge, which always puts him in life situations that could have been avoided, if he would just keep his mouth shut. You can honestly believe he has seen and did a lot, and like 70% of his stories sound true. Like for real, sometimes it might sound disgusting… but all in all, he is still a lovable character.

Can’t make it on Saturday? Come on Friday

Can’t make it on Friday or Saturday ?? Come on Sunday

Can’t make it on any of those days?? Well…. I tried


17th June 2017 @ 23:00
18th June 2017 @ 00:00

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