Hotel Cracovia Reconstruction
Piotr Gliński, the Polish Culture Minister, announced funding of 400 million Złoty for the conversion of the Cracovia Hotel, which will become the Museum of Architecture & Design, by 2026.

The Museum of Architecture and Design will consist of two parts,  a gallery containing the greatest achievements of Polish design and architecture of the 20th and 21st centuries. The second part will play an educational role, where workshops, training sessions and educational meetings devoted to architecture and design will take place.

“The estimated cost of the investment is almost PLN 425 million, and it is one of the largest investments in the field of culture” – said Minister of Culture Piotr Gliński.

photo: Wikimedia / Zygmunt Put Zetpe0202

EU Ban on disposable plastics, plates & straws, coming soon.
The EU ban on the production of disposable plates, straws and plastics is to be implemented in Poland by 3rd July 2021. Catering and other establishments will have to rely on ‘greener’ alternatives. The EU ban on single use plastics also extends to the manufacturing of products without ecological solutions

Hejnał Bugler Recruitment, not going well.
A recent recruitment call, for the historic role of Hejnał Bugler, attracted 30 candidates, including, three women, raising the prospect of the first ever female bugler.

Assessments consisted of a number of stages, including musical ability and physical fitness.  Unfortunately none of the 30 candidates passed the recruitment process, forcing the fire service to have to launch a 2nd recruitment appeal, in the near future, to fill the two vacant positions.

Some of the failed candidates have been advised to work on their fitness, and may be considered for the next round.

Kraków amongst top 16 cities in ‘Green Capital of Europe’ Competition
The finalists will be chosen and announced in April, from the  cities of  Belgrade, Cagliari, Dublin, Gaziantep, Helsingborg, Izmir, Koszyce, Logrono, Skopje, Sofia, Tallinn, Zagreb, along with the Polish cities Gdańsk, Rzeszów and Warsaw.

Sheep grazing on Błonia Photo: David McGirr

The title of “Green Capital of Europe” is awarded two years in advance (in 2020 for 2022, in 2021 for 2023). The competition is organised by the European Commission, and is open to cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants. Kraków came 5th in the ‘Green Capital of Europe 2022; contest.

New branch of Museum of Photography (MuFo) opens 
The recently renovated headquarters of the Museum of Photography, (MuFo), at Józefitow 16, Kraków, opened it’s doors to visitors today (Monday 22.2.21).

The Warehouse, Conservation, Digitisation and Research Centre, has been established there following a three-year 25 million złoty modernisation. The museum is intended shows the life of photography from behind the scenes and reveals to visitors what is usually hidden in the shadow of warehouses and specialist studios. All the rooms of the Museum – warehouses, workshops and the darkroom – are open to the public, but on special terms.

“Visiting this branch is possible only with a guide, after prior appointment”- according to Eliza Kubiak, communication and PR specialist at the Museum. From Monday to Wednesday and Saturday, the guides will be waiting for those interested at 11 am and 4 pm, and on Thursdays and Fridays at 4.30 pm and 6 pm. During the pandemic, groups are limited to three people.

 icon-link MuFo has a number of locations in Kraków.

New City Information System & Signs Consultation
The city have been trialling new signs and information boards in the area around Jubilat/Powiśle, and are now inviting public consultation and feedback.

Public consultations have already started and will run until March 12th. On March 9, it will be possible to meet officials online, but first you need to register at the e- mail address .  Alternatively, you can talk on the phone with experts who are on duty for the next three weeks from Wednesday to Friday between noon and 2pm, and on Mondays and Tuesdays from 2pm to 4pm at 12 616 86 91.

The city information system, (System Informacji Miejskiej – SIM) aims to modernise and standardise signs with uniform graphics and design.

Further detailed information with graphics and examples can be found in the project document.

Plans to redevelop Beach site by Forum Hotel
Following years of controversy and dispute, the previous operator of the Kraków Plaza beach site, appeared to have come to an agreement on outstanding debts, and undertaken work on clearing and putting right the site.

However whilst much progress had been made, it now appears that there are new grounds for disagreement regarding permission to develop the site according to a new plan.

SAO Beach Investments, who operated the now demolished Plaża Kraków, had expected to be granted the rights to develop the site according to new plans, particularly as they spent heavily (1.6m zł) repaying debts owed in connection with the site and clearing the site.  The City of Kraków however had other ideas and plan to put the development out to tender, much to the annoyance of the previous developer.

Kubota FlipFlops, Coming soon to a Biedronka near you!
We’ve all looked on with envy at this fashion icon.  Now’s your chance to join the ‘in crowd’, and at a bargain price.

Biedronka will be offering the popular Kubota FlipFlops, but you better hurry,  last time they were sold out within a few hours.

The slippers are available in black, pink and blue in sizes 39 to 44, for the bargain price of 24.99 zł.

“All Kubota flip-flops from the latest offer of the Biedronka chain are very comfortable, thanks to which they will perfectly complement the standard set of the homeowner, i.e. a comfortable tracksuit and favourite socks” – writes Biedronka.

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