The Polish Government have just announced changes intended to simplify and accelerate their the Covid National Immunisation Programme  (NPS – Narodowy Program Szczepień).

They are opening registration by birth years 1962-1973 according to the following schedule commencing 12th April:-

Polish Vaccination Schedule

The gov. pl website made the following announcement:-

More vaccination points, broadening of the qualifying and vaccination staff, and above all, more vaccines – in the second quarter of this year, we are entering a new phase of implementation of the National Immunization Program. We must act decisively in the face of the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the changes we are introducing and increasing the supply, we will be able to vaccinate faster!


Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. added:-

“We want to vaccinate 20 million people by the end of the second quarter, and by the end of August – all those willing to do so. We want to act as soon as possible.”

 icon-link The announcement in full can be found here, on the website

The key points of the announcement are:-

More vaccination points

Until now, vaccinations have taken place, among others, in primary health care outpatient clinics, inpatient medical facilities (eg. Outpatient Specialist Care), reserve and node hospitals. With patients in bed in mind, we have also launched away vaccination teams . In the second quarter, we are expanding the catalog of places where it will be possible to get vaccinated.

People will be able to take the vaccine in:

  • POZ clinics (and other stationary medical facilities),
  • reserve hospitals,
  • poviat hospitals (1 hospital in each poviat),
  • local government points (1 local government point in each poviat),
  • drive thru points
  • workplaces,
  • pharmacies.

Vaccinations will also take place in places where independent paramedics and nurses operate.

More vaccinators and simpler qualification rules

We want to improve the process even more, which is why we are also introducing organizational changes in the field of qualification and vaccination.

  • Who qualifies for vaccination?

In the second quarter of this year, not only doctors will qualify for vaccinations, but also: dentists, paramedics, nurses, midwives, paramedics, diagnosticians, pharmacists, physiotherapists, medical assistants and students of the last year of medical studies.

  • Who can vaccinate?

We are also expanding the vaccinating staff. Currently, the vaccine is administered by doctors, dentists, midwives, nurses, paramedics and paramedics. In the second quarter of this year, this group will also be joined by laboratory diagnosticians, pharmacists, physiotherapists and final-year medical students.

Warning! The qualification process itself will also change. Until now, the patient had to undergo a medical examination and complete the questionnaire.

From the second quarter, the basis for qualification for vaccination against COVID-19 will be the initial interview questionnaire. If the patient completes the questionnaire and states everything correctly, they will be admitted to vaccination. If there is any doubt about the questionnaire, the person giving the vaccine will consult a doctor.

Registration for vaccinations – what will it look like in April?

In March, we opened registration for people aged 60 and over. – Now, in order to speed up the entire process, we are introducing an amendment to the National Vaccination Program. We are entering the stage of population vaccinations – informed Michał Dworczyk. In April, we are starting records for subsequent years. Registration will be carried out according to the schedule:

  • April 12 – born 1962
  • April 13 – born 1963
  • April 14 – born 1964
  • April 15 – born 1965
  • April 16 – born 1966
  • April 17 – born 1967
  • April 19 – born 1968,
  • April 20 – born 1969
  • April 21 – born 1970
  • April 22 – born 1971
  • April 23 – born 1972
  • April 24 – born 1973

A schedule constructed in this way ensures flexibility. If you are already among the eligible and do not register for vaccination on a given day, you will be able to do it later.

We encourage everyone to apply for vaccinations via the form. This is the fastest and easiest form of signing up. Shortly before the start of your age group registration deadline, you will be contacted by the helpline.

Use the application form!

Persons who do not complete the form will be able to register from the day the registration starts. You can choose from several sign-up methods. You can use the e-Registration internet platform, call the helpline 989, send an SMS saying Vaccinate to 880 333 333 or sign up – preferably by phone – directly at the vaccination center.

All those who need additional information regarding registration, please visit the special websiteę: see how to register for vaccination!

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